Radio1 started working in 1993 under then name od Radio-station Nedelišće. Identification sign was changed in autumn of 2000 when the radio moved into new studio in center of Čakovec city. Shortly after the start of broadcast, station recieved a great support from its listeners and fans which they managed to maintain up to this day. Reasearch of well-known agencies show that public is made of wide variety of listeners, with different levels of educations, qualifications (students, teachers, workers…). THis of course obliges to broadcast program that is suited for large and different audiences. Program is also broadcasted 24 hours a day, which is maintained by 12 people working at station i several outside collaborators.

For few years already, it’s possible to listen to Radio1 over internet. Radio1 is doing media coverage of most big and important events in region and has hosted large number of famous people from public, political, show-biz and sport life.

Short overview of Radio1 webpages:


adonai-studio.hr adonai-studio.hr